Asset Acquisition and Deposal Advice and Services

As part of our commitment to service the entire sector of Real Estate, we offer the best service available in the most fundamental part of any real estate investment strategy.  What to buy, where and when and knowing when best to increase your portfolio, cover cyclical peaks and troughs Read more

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Property Investment can be exciting and highly profitable when it is done right and with the proper analysis and planning.  It can also be excruciating and consume your hard-earned money if not analysed and planned.  It is rare that you make money by luck alone.  At Aber Group, we Read more

Demographic and Addressable Market Size Analysis

Knowing your audience is key to ensuring a successful property investment.  By understanding your audience, its makeup, its needs and crucially its size, you can assess the likely occupancy rate challenges and establish a pricing strategy to ensure higher yields.
Aber Group has some of Read more

Comparative Market Analysis

Aber Group knows the value of understanding how the market as a whole is performing but also more specifically how specific sectors are perfroming.  Exploring this and delivering insights driven by data and our trend analysis tools, we can offer a compartive market a Read more

Yields, Build Cost and Operational Cost Analysis

How much your building will cost you is not always as obvious and it may first seem.  Build Costs, Approvals, Certifications, Design and Fitouts are all to often misjudged or worse, missed completely!  
Running a building and ensuring its associated regulations are met is also a co Read more

Design and Architectural Consultancy

Investing in any project means seeing a vision realised.  At Aber Group, we have, in partnership with one of the UAE's leading Design and Architectural consultancies, the ability to help your visions turn into designs, models, 3D visualisation and walkthroughs, architectural design Read more


Management of Contractors for Building Completion, Snagging and Retention Payment

The final stages of a building's construction can be the most rewarding in terms of seeing your vision materialised fully but it can also be the most painful, time-consuming period.  Just when you think that you can start to get Return on your Investment, the delays of getting the project ov Read more